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8 months ago
What is towny?



Towns are the most basic part of Towny, allowing people to gather and work together as a group.

  • A town is a collection of residents with one of them as the mayor.
  • A town also has a bank which the mayor can withdraw from.
  • A mayor can also have assistants who have the same powers as him/herself.
  • Towns can have taxes that will be taken at the end of real time 7-day (1 week) period.
  • A person can only be a resident of 1 town at a time.
  • Towns are divided into "Town Blocks," which are 21 block by 21 block sections of land.


Nations are a higher level that allow towns to ally together. This adds advantages such as giving towns more flexible land permission options and allowing them to participate in Wars.

    • A nation is a collection of towns (or just one town) with one of them as the capital city.
    • The mayor of that capital is the king.
    • A nation can join the war event, as well as ally other nations.
    • A nation also has it's own bank.
    • It can also tax the towns that belong to it.

8 months ago
Welcome to the fourm!


8 months ago
How to report a bug?

How to report a bug?

Make a post under this catagory [Bug report] that contains:


What is the bug?

When did it happen?

What were you doing before it happened?

Pictures or videos of the bug happening?

8 months ago
How to appeal?

How to appeal?
Make a topic under this catagory [Ban appeals] That contains:


Why were u banned?

When your ban gonna end?

Why you should be unbanned?

Have you been banned before on CivilMC?